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Jewelry Stores Dallas TX

Jewelry Stores Dallas TX

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas is a jewelry store located in the North Dallas that has until recently been the best kept secret for jewelry stores in Dallas TX that sell their jewelry BELOW wholesale cost.   We carry all types of jewelry such as diamonds rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings and every other jewelry item that you could imagine.

There are other jewelry stores Dallas TX that more than what is in stock, but we are special because we can also customize jewelry for you on-site. 

If you need a special type of diamond ring or any other type of accessory we actually can cut loose diamonds on-site. We actually encourage our customers to come by our jewelry store in Dallas and watch us cut the diamonds because its not something you see everyday.

Our Jewelry Store in Dallas carries the following jewelry:

We prefer to make custom Jewelry for our clients, but since we are a Diamond Exchange Store, we receive a lot of well crafted jewelry.

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Why other jewelry stores Dallas TX can’t match us

Here is the best  thing- We are direct importers of diamonds and precious metals and we make the jewelry ourselves so there is NO middle man or crazy mark-ups on our jewelry. 

What our customers buy from us is always below wholesale cost. We actually supply a lot of the wholesale diamonds Dallas dealers in the area because they know that we have an expert diamond cutter that has over 35 years of experience. What makes us one of the best jewelry stores Dallas TX has is our prices and the quality of jewelry that we produce.  

Every one of our customers is 100% satisfied with their purchase from our store unlike most jewelry stores Dallas TX offers.  So whatever you are looking for just come by our North Dallas office and we will match you up with what you are looking for.

We also take trade-in and pay CASH FOR GOLD AND DIAMONDS

If you have purchased jewelry in the past and do not want it or need it anymore we will gladly take it as a trade-in or buy it from you. Keep that in mind when you contact us.

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas