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Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas – Guide to Buying Engagement Rings Dallas

Guide to buying Engagement Rings, Engagement Rings Dallas:

Our Guide to buying Engagement Rings, Diamond, Engagement Rings Dallas, Diamond Rings.

Video of a Halo Round Engagement Ring

Buying Engagement Rings 

While at Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas – Engagement Rings Dallas:

Prepare yourself for this adventure? Buying engagement rings can be an overwhelming experience in addition to the emotional stress.

  1. There’s a lot of pressure on this purchase.
  2. It’s a symbol of your love for your girlfriend
  3. It’s a token of your willingness to take the relationship to the next level.
  4. Plus, it doesn’t help that your fiance will be showing off the ring to her friends and family.

First time experience buying Engagement Rings for many people is a trip since they are inundated with buzzwords, termJewelry Exchange Dallas - Diamond Engagement Rings Dallas Buying Guideand concepts. Settings, inclusion, eternity band, 4 C’s, and all you wanted was to make the girl of your dreams happy. You have stepped into a minefield and can’t afford any mistakes. You need a mentor, a coach, just someone you can trust. Who better than a Diamond Cutter. Why? Because they cut out the middleman and create the industry though what they do. Choose Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas with over 35 years of cutting experience in the trade.

Establish Your Budget:

Before you do anything establish a budget that will not break your bank. Be careful you don’t have to upgrade later because you were too cheap. There many options in every price range which is why you want the help of an expert not a salesperson. Furthermore it is never about the amount you have invested, it’s always about your personal attention to detail for the one that you love. Remember  to leave some money for the honeymoon which is as important as Engagement rings. She will not want to marry you if you are broke because you spent all your savings on an engagement ring.

Make It a Surprise:

Ok so you are hip, modern, you want your girlfriend who hopefully is your wife to be to come and pick out the ring with you. Romance is the order of the day not logic consequently every picture that shows a person proposing to a would be spouse has a complete surprise on their face. Just do you homework and things will all work out for the better.

The Trifecta of Surprise:

  1. Propose in the perfect location
  2. Wow this gorgeous engagement ring fits perfectly
  3. This is what I always dreamed of, it’s exactly what I wanted

How far do you think this romantic gesture will take you because your in laws, her friend, acquaintances and everybody on social media will hear about how romantic and thoughtful you are. You have won over the vast majority of your potential opposition.

Find Out Her Ring Size 

While at Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas – Engagement Rings Dallas:

Don’t sweat it. Just get one of the rings she is not wearing and get it sized by Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas – Engagement Rings Dallas. Use some common sense, don’t take one she wears frequently she will notice it is gone and so is the surprise factor.

Research Her Style 

While at Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas – Engagement Rings Dallas:

Have you ever looked at what she is wearing on her fingers. Here is a list of things to look for.

Her Style:

  • Does she wear a lot of gold?
  • Maybe she’s a silver or platinum woman.
  • Perhaps there’s a particular stone she wears a lot, like her birthstone, maybe she’d like more than a diamond.
  • Does she like simple, understated pieces?
  • Does she favor the big, glitzy variety?

Her personality?:

  • She is an outgoing person who will show off her ring to everyone she meets, therefore go for something big and sparkly.
  • She is an earthy woman who doesn’t wear much jewelry at all, therefore look for rings that are simple, yet beautiful.

Sneaky Pete Approach:

Come to Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas on the pretext of buying a Rolex watch that we have on consignment. While she is there she will ask to look at various rings. The person helping her will remember which engagement ring she liked best. After you have returned home call Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas and talk to the person that was helping her and get the low down skinny.

Pick The Engagement Ring Band 

While at Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas – Engagement Rings Dallas:

Engagement Rings come in a variety of metals.

  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Or a mixture

Video of The Band:

There are advantages and disadvantages to how these metals age. As a result Silver-looking engagement rings are the most popular at the moment. For the fashion conscious person go with a platinum or white gold band in addition, for the classical person go with the traditional yellow gold band.

Diamond Grading Institutions:


The best grade usually comes from GIA Gemological Institute Of America therefore higher prices can be expected. We sell different graded Diamonds from each of these fine institutions so the choice is your.

There are many jewelry stores that you could make your purchase, however at Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas we pride ourselves having repeat customers that feel like family. 

Trade Up Program

You will receives a full credit for your Diamond when she trades it up for a higher priced Diamond in our active inventory. Diamond must be in original condition as when sold by Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas.

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas