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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

The above statement should read lab-grown diamonds vs natural diamonds.


Diamond cutters can’t tell the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds even after years of being on the bench cutting diamonds. GIA laboratories have a very expensive machine that can detect the difference but it is only how on gas is slightly inflated. It looks like a diamond, cuts like a diamond, sparkles like a diamond, endures like a diamond, it must be a diamond?

Lab Grown Diamonds Dallas

Lab-grown diamonds Dallas is dedicated to finding you the highest quality lab-grown diamonds at the most affordable price. 

We will buy back any diamond we sell including lab-grown diamonds, even if they were not purchased from us. Millennials wanting to save the Earth prefer lab-grown diamonds.  Like natural diamonds, they come in all shapes and sizes at a very affordable price.


Lab Grown Diamonds Rings

Some of the most beautiful rings that we have sold have been lab-grown diamonds. When doing CAD/CAM design it is often a better choice to use lab-grown diamonds as the accent diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds tend to have better clarity than natural diamonds usually in the VS-VVS range.


Lab Grown Diamonds Near Me

If you would like to compare a natural diamond vs a lab-grown diamond please visit us in our Dallas showroom where we would be more than pleased to demonstrate and educate you on the pros and cons of diamond buying and selling.

If you have a smaller budget and desire a larger diamond then a lab-grown diamond is desperately the way to go. Prices differ by as much as 60% on the open market. How much will you save? The bigger the carat weight you buy the more you save.


Lab Grown Diamonds For Sale

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas lab-grown diamonds are always on sale year-round. Plan ahead by making an appointment so we can bring in a few examples to show you. Lab-grown diamonds come in many colors as well. The treand now in jewelry makeup and design is to use lab-grown diamonds to make exotic vintage jewelry more affordable.


The image to the left is a real live picture. Can you see any difference? As diamonds cutters, we can’t and it’s our trade.

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas