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Jewelry Appraisal Dallas

Jewelry Appraisal Dallas For Insurance Purposes

If you are looking to get an appraisal done on your jewelry then
Diamond Jewelry Appraisal Dallas can definitely help. We offer jewelry appraisal Dallas residents have access to and can trust. At
Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas we offer FREE as well as paid for appraisals by a GIA graduate gemologist.

On this page we talk about information regarding the purposes of an appraisal, whether you need a paid for appraisal or a free verbal appraisal, who is accredited to do an appraisal, as well has how to get you own jewelry appraised in Dallas, TX.

***If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for an appraisal then call us today at (214) 707-0324 or fill out our contact form. Same day appraisals are often available

What is the purpose of an an appraisal?

There are many reason that people often get an appraisal on their jewelry. One of the main reason someone wants to get an appraisal is for insurance purposes in case their jewelry is ever lost or stolen.

Engagement rings, diamonds, and jewelry are often very valuable items that come at a high price tag.

There are companies that will provide insurance in case something unfortunate was to ever happen an your were to lose your items. The insurance companies will need an appraisal document by a certified GIA gemologist to determine the fair value. The appraisals that we offer at
Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas will be done by GIA graduate gemologist in which most insurance companies can use. Some insurance companies are more strict and it has to be done by their own appraiser.

Another reason that someone will often get in appraisal is to find out what their jewelry is worth before selling it. The team at
Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas also offers the service of jewelry buyers in Dallas and we are a great place to sell jewelry.

An appraisal is good to find out exactly what you have in a piece of jewelry, however, the appraised value is different than what a jewelry store or diamond buyer is willing to pay. The appraised value is a number that is for insurance purposes only and usually a lot higher than the original purchase price. For people that want to sell their jewelry and get maximum value we recommend our jewelry consignment program.

Estate Jewelry Appraisals dallas

FREE Appraisals and Paid Appraisals at Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas

At Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas we offer FREE as well as paid jewelry appraisals. The paid appraisals cost $100 and it will be done by a GIA graduate gemologist. In the paid appraisal you will get a 5 page document with complete details, photograph, and retail replacement value. This type of appraisal is generally used for insurance replacement value and will be completed while you wait in most cases as long as you have scheduled an appointment. We also offer FREE verbal evaluations for individuals who are wanting to get an idea of what their jewelry in worth before selling you item(s). We can help you determine whether you will need a FREE or paid appraisal.

How to get an appraisal done at Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas

If you are interested in getting a jewelry appraisal done then contact the experts at
Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas. You can schedule an appointment by either giving us a call at (214) 707-0324 or by filling out our contact form. Depending on our schedule we can often offer same day appraisals.

Jewelry Appraisal Services We Offer:

People get their jewelry appraised for many reasons. Some of our customers want to get an appraisal document that is needed for insurance purposes while others would like just like to get an idea of what their items are worth. Below is a list a the various appraisals that we offer:

  • Retail Replacement Value
  • Estate Value
  • Wholesale
Types of jewelry that we appraise:
  • Gold
  • Diamond Rings
  • Estate Pieces
  • Engagement Rings
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Colored Gem Stones
Contact Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas today to schedule your jewelry appraisal

If you would like to have your jewelry appraised then contact Divorce Your
Engagement Ring today by calling us at (214) 707-0324 or by filling out our contact form. We prefer to do everything by appointment, however, walk ins are welcome.
Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas is a jewelry store that offers wholesale diamonds and engagement rings to the public.


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