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Jewelry Consignment

Jewelry Consignment Near Me

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas brings our consignment shop to you. All we require is for you to set and appointment and we will take good care of you.

Jewelry store in Dallas, jewelry-consignment-near-me

We have a large selection of consignment stock including Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring, Tennis Bracelets, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Pendants,  and so much more.

Jewelry Consignment Dallas

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We also buy Gold and Silver at very favorable prices. Spot cash in your hand. Rolex watches are always in demand. Gold coins and other rare items are considered, and a piece by pice bases.


Jewellery Stores Near Me

Our selection of Stud Earrings included both Natural Diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds. We prefer GIA-certified diamonds but offer other Laboratories Certifications such as EGL and IGI. If requested we can also offer non-certified diamonds at a very affordable price.


Jewellery Consignment Near Me

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas uses virtual offices to bring our consignment shop to you saving you time, money, and gas. All we require is for you to set an appointment on our calendar and we will take care of you.

Old Gold and other precious metals are always welcome. Chains, Bracelets, Broken Jewelry etc.

Jewelry Consignment Dallas​ jewelry-consignment-stores-near-me

Jewellery Consignment Dallas

Many precious Gemstones find value in our consignment shop. 


If you are looking for a bargain the best place to shop is in our consignment shop. Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas is a family-owned business with an emphasis on finding solutions for our customers.

Diamond Jewelry Wholesalers Dallas