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Stunning Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings That Are Going to Make You Fall In Love Instantly 


Heart-shaped engagement rings are a gorgeous alternative for soon-to-be-weds who are looking for a genuinely one-of-a-kind center stone. Round brilliant cuts, oval cuts, and emerald cuts frequently appear to grab the focus in the world of jewelry, but heart-shaped engagement rings are an excellent choice.

These are so stunning in design that even megastars like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and Nikki Minaj have rocked heart-shaped diamonds. Looking at the heart-shaped design, it gives out a sentimental appeal of its own which makes it so unique compared to the rest. Today we will be mentioning the top stunning Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings That Are Going to Make You Fall In Love Instantly.

What Does Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring Mean?

A modified form of the round brilliant cut is what creates the heart shape in a diamond. Diamonds that are cut into the form of hearts typically have between 56 and 58 facets and produce the same sparkling shine as diamonds that are cut into a round brilliant shape. In most cases, heart-shaped diamonds are shown in a solitaire setting, since this kind of mounting brings out most of the diamond’s distinctive form.

Why Choose Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring among Others?

The price tag is the most probable reason for selecting a heart-shaped engagement ring rather than a traditional round one, but personal tastes do play a role. The price of heart-shaped diamonds is often lower than that of other shapes of diamonds, however, there is one notable exception to this rule. 

It is important to keep in mind that bigger heart-shaped diamonds seem much more attractive than smaller ones. As a result, even if you can save money by getting a heart-shaped stone, you may need to invest in a larger diamond.

What Should You Look for in a Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring

If you are interested in purchasing a diamond with this breathtaking cut, you should search for one in which both halves of the heart are symmetrical to a perfect degree. In addition to this, the cleft of the heart shape, also known as the deep V in the center, needs to have crisp and clean edges. 

In conclusion, it is important to point out that when it comes to heart-shaped diamonds, you will most likely want to go for a bigger stone—one that is at least 0.5 carats in weight if not more. Because heart forms in smaller sizes may often be lacking in detail, this diamond cut looks much better in bigger proportions.

Top Stunning Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring Designs 

Here are the designs that you must see for yourself or for your loved ones-

Christopher Designs Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful finish is achieved by surrounding the heart-shaped center stone with a halo made of diamonds. In addition to white, yellow, or rose gold, it may also be ordered in platinum, 14-karat gold, or 18-karat gold.

Kataoka Curved Bleeding Heart Ring

This item is perfect for you if you’ve been searching for a diamond ring in the form of a heart that exudes an impression of handcrafted craftsmanship. You will need to see it in action in order to appreciate all of the gorgeous details, such as the diamond-like florets and the small sparkling stars that contribute to the panache-packed finish.

Blue Nile Luna Diamond Engagement Ring

A timeless design with just the right amount of shimmer. This ring is designed to be worn in conjunction with other bands since it has a row of sparkling diamonds that are held in place by shared prongs.

Jared Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This stunning diamond ring with a heart-cut design is sure to capture the attention of the sophisticated side of you. For a show-stopping effect, the heart-shaped diamond in the center of the ring is encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds.

Forzieri Heart Diamond V-Shaped Band Shape

Only one diamond with a heart-shaped cut is what makes it more special. The one-of-a-kind design is brought together with an eye-catching pavé diamond ring in the form of a V.

Harry Winston Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguettes

This is a genuine Harry Winston masterpiece. The heart-shaped diamond is given a look of perfect beauty by the addition of tapered baguette side stones, which give it a more contemporary appearance.

Lauren B Jewelry Heart Shape Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

What could be more romantic than a beautiful yellow diamond that has been fashioned into the form of a heart and is encircled by a halo of diamonds? The classic look that a setting with round brilliant diamonds gives off can make you a fan of it instantly.

Brilliant Earth Six-Prong Classic Ring

This kind of traditional engagement ring will never seem dated or out of place. The 18k yellow gold band and the heart-shaped stone that is set in the middle of this ring provide a dramatic contrast to one another.

Neil Lane Diamond Ring

There is no need to look any further than this magnificent bridal set which includes a band and a wedding ring that match perfectly. This extraordinary item is distinguished by its use of twists composed of spherical diamonds.

Tiffany & Co. Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The epitome of elegant simplicity. The brilliance of the heart-shaped center stone is brought out by this platinum band’s pristine appearance.

Adiamor Micro Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

This engagement ring has a micro-pavé and is flawless in every direction. This lovely heart-shaped center stone is complemented with a diamond ring that sparkles and shines.

Zales Diamond Solitaire Ring Heart-Shaped 14K White Gold

A diamond solitaire in the form of a heart is the perfect choice for those of us who are hopelessly romantic at heart. This sparkling piece is made of 14K white gold, and it will radiate brilliance on its own.

Blue Nile Petite Hidden Halo Solitaire Plus Diamond Engagement RingThe 

Blue Nile allows you to design your very own custom diamond engagement ring in the form of a heart by allowing you to choose the shape, cut, carat, and clarity of the diamond. This 18k rose gold solitaire ring with a cathedral setting is the epitome of opulence and sophistication.

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