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Gorgeous Designs of Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings That You Must See in 2022


The cushion-cut silhouette has been popular for a long, long time. And it’s probably been able to withstand the test of time because it’s such a lovely combination of classic aesthetics and contemporary sensibilities. It’s interesting to note that the majority of people probably aren’t aware that cushion cuts may produce some of the world’s most renowned diamonds.

Cushion-cut diamonds are some of the most beautiful, and the Hope Diamond, which weighs 45.52 carats, and the Regent Diamond, which weighs 140.5 carats, are two excellent examples. These days, cushion-cut engagement rings are the epitome of romanticism, grandeur, and allure, and their popularity has skyrocketed over the course of the last decade or so.

What Does Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring Mean?

The cushion-cut that is used to cut diamonds today is really an upgraded form of an ancient mine cut, which was used to cut diamonds in the past. This cutting style often has gentle, rounded edges and an overall form that is somewhat reminiscent of a pillow or cushion.

 Because of this, the diamonds do not have any corners or edges that are very pointed, which reduces the risk of chipping and fractures and generally makes them more long-lasting. Diamonds that have been cut in the shape of a cushion contain typically 58 facets. These facets contribute to the cut’s trademark excellent brightness and fire.

Trending Designs of Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

Here are some of the best designs for Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings that are trending in 2022-

David Yurman Eden Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

David Yurman has once again created a magnificent and one-of-a-kind solitaire diamond engagement ring with the Eden ring. This ring is called the Eden diamond engagement ring. The cushion-cut diamond is held in place by four prongs, and the gold band has a cable pattern that is supposed to represent the coming together of two people’s spirits.

Tiffany Soleste Cushion-Cut Halo Engagement Ring With a Diamond Platinum Band

The yellow diamond that serves as the centerpiece of this ring has a cushion-cut, which brings out the vivid color of the stone. This radiant gem shines even brighter thanks to the addition of a halo made of diamonds.

Jennie Kwon Cushion-Cut Equilibrium Ring

This exquisite ring is striking despite its understated appearance. The accent stones on each side are baguette shapes that gradually become smaller as they go out from the center stone, which is a cushion-cut diamond. The mounting may be made out of either rose, yellow, or white gold, all of which is 14 karats.

Pnina Tornai Diamond Engagement Ring

Pnina Tornai is the undisputed queen of bling, and her collection of diamond engagement rings is certainly not an exception to this rule. An extravagant ring consists of a cushion-cut diamond that is surrounded by a halo of round-cut diamonds, which in turn is surrounded by a halo of round-cut diamonds, and a few more brilliant diamonds adorn the twisting shank.

Greenwich St. Jewelers Baxter Cushion-Cut Pavé Band Engagement Ring

You don’t need to search much farther if you’re seeking a ring that will resist the changing fashions. This magnificent ring is a real classic and has a diamond with a cushion-cut center that is surrounded by round-cut pavé diamonds that cascade down a stunning platinum shank.

Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Ring

While the glitz and glitter of old Hollywood served as Neil Lane’s inspiration, he gracefully ushers this timeless style into the 21st century. The center stone of this ring is a cushion-cut diamond that is surrounded by a halo of smaller round-cut diamonds that sparkle and shine.

Jared Diamond 3-Stone Engagement Ring

This traditional three-stone engagement ring is crafted in 14K white gold and has a cushion-cut diamond in the center with two diamond side stones on each side of it. This band is the pinnacle of subtle beauty.

Blue Nile Tanzanite Cushion and Diamond Halo Ring

Are you searching for a luxurious something blue? This ring is the epitome of opulence, featuring a brilliant tanzanite stone with a cushion-cut that is encircled by a halo of pavé-set round diamonds.

Dana Rebecca Prong Set Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

This cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with a concealed halo might be the perfect choice for you if you want a little bit of extra glitter in your life. The 1.64-carat weight center diamond and the round white diamonds that descend down the shank of this ring combine to provide a mesmerizing show for the wearer.

Gemvara Cushion Halo Ring

This lovely ring from Gemvara comes with a cushion-cut center stone that is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. This band is another one of Gemvara’s exquisite and customized options. Altering the center stone, the accent stones, or the metal type may help you create a piece that is really one-of-a-kind.

Neil Lane Bridal Set With Diamonds and 14K White Gold

This piece of artwork by Neil Lane is certainly “the one” for the bride who embraces the philosophy that “more is more.” This breathtaking piece contains a cushion-cut diamond that weighs 0.5 carats and is surrounded by a double halo. One more advantage? The engagement ring inspired the shape of the wedding band, which was then sculpted to sit exactly against the ring.

Macy’s Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

This stunning example of a timeless classic has a cushion-cut diamond that is the focal point and is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. In addition, the shank is embellished with round-cut diamonds for an added touch of glitz and glamor.

Kwiat Engagement Ring Set East West With a Cushion-Cut Diamond in Platinum

Being timeless does not always imply being predictable. This cushion-cut solitaire ring has a setting that faces east to west, which gives it a fashion-forward attitude that is nonetheless beautiful.

Vrai The Signature Bezel

This ring exudes an air of understated elegance while showcasing an eye-catching diamond with a cushion cut that has been set in a bezel for further protection. The greatest part is that you get to choose everything about this ring, from the cut of the stones to whether it has a simple or pavé band and even the kind of metal it is made of.

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