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Emerald Engagement Rings – Makes You Feel Special


Not only because of their vivid hues but also because of their one-of-a-kind character, colored gemstone engagement rings have been progressively growing in popularity among women who are planning to be married. One of our top picks, perhaps, is Emeralds. 

The vivid green color of an emerald makes it immediately noticeable, and much as with glittering diamonds, the possibilities for the emerald’s setting, cut, and overall appearance are almost endless. The color may vary from vivid lime green to a bluish-green hue, and it looks stunning when paired with a variety of metals, stones, and settings.

What Does Emerald Mean?

Belonging to the beryl mineral family, the gemstone known as emerald is known for its deep green color. They are very gorgeous and uncommon, and the month of May is associated with them as its birthstone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Emerald Engagement Rings

Be aware that emeralds are softer than other stones, which makes them more delicate to cut. If you do decide to spend the money on an emerald solitaire or center stone, be prepared. On the Mohs scale, which rates the hardness of minerals, green emeralds have a rating of 7.5-8, whereas diamonds have a rating of 10. In addition, even though they are softer than diamonds, emeralds may still be cut and polished into a wide range of gorgeous forms by skilled cutters, and they are safe enough to wear every day.

Emeralds of high grade are more difficult to come by than diamonds, which is one reason why they often command a higher price. On the other hand, due to the fact that emeralds are less dense than diamonds, a one-carat emerald will seem much bigger than a one-carat diamond. Emeralds are brilliant, magnificent, and very adaptable stones; they look great whether used either as the center stone or as side stones.

Things to Look for in an Emerald Engagement Ring

Thinking green for your engagement ring? The following are a few things that you should know before purchasing the stone.

1. Importance of Color

The uniformity of the coloring, as well as the tone and saturation of the green, are all characteristics that may play a role in determining the emerald’s overall quality.

2. Importance of Clarity 

The majority of natural emeralds feature inclusions, which are minute flaws known as Jardins (the word Jardin comes from the French word for garden), as well as fractures or fissures that appear as minute lines inside the emerald. 

These minute lines do not always detract from the appearance of the gemstone and, in some cases, may even contribute to the overall attractiveness of the stone. An emerald may be cut in such a way as to guarantee that the fractures do not extend all the way to the surface of the emerald or to any of its corners.

3. Importance of Oil Treatment 

Oil is often applied to emeralds in order to repair cracks and improve the stone’s transparency. Although oiling does not lower the value of the gemstone, it is crucial to disclose the presence of oiling and the extent of it when sourcing an emerald.

4. Importance of Finding the Right Source

Just like any other precious gem, it is important to buy this precious green gem from a reputable and trusted jeweler or dealer. Green emeralds normally do not come with a certificate, but you have the option to have them verified if you are concerned about their authenticity.

Maintenance of an Emerald Engagement Ring

Even while they may be worn every day without risk, emeralds are softer than the majority of jewels, therefore they need more special attention. Because emeralds are often treated with oil, it is advisable to avoid subjecting your emerald to high temperatures, which might possibly cause it to get damaged. The most secure method for cleaning emerald jewelry is with mild soap and warm water, which is also the method recommended for cleaning your engagement ring.

Best Places to Buy Your Green Emerald Engagement Ring

Here are the emeralds that are unique for stunning designs-

Chroma by Greenwich St. Jewelers Cleo Brazilian Emerald Ring

This emerald ring, with its vivid hue of green, manages to seem both contemporary and classic at the same time. The stone is allowed to take center stage thanks to the polished 18k gold setting.

Tiffany & Co. Art Deco Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring

This art deco ring by Tiffany & Co. was made around the year 1920, and if you have a thing for antique jewelry, you’re going to like it. An alluring emerald is the centerpiece of this magnificent piece, which also has two diamonds with an ancient European cut.

Martin Katz Emerald-Cut Emerald Ring

If you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from this ridiculously stunning ring that was designed by Martin Katz. A proposal with this 5.92-carat emerald-cut emerald would absolutely wow the recipient.

Bario Neal Ray Solitaire Emerald-Cut

This engagement ring is subtle but breathtaking, making it the perfect choice for the bride-to-be who prefers a more understated style. To round off the appearance, choose to wear it with the wedding ring that also coordinates with it.

Mark Broumand Emerald and Diamond Ring

This stunning piece, which has a halo of sparkling diamonds, is sure not to let you down if you are searching for something with a little bit of glimmer. For even more sparkle and glamor, complement yours with a band made of diamonds.

Grace Lee Emerald Signet Ring

For the bride-to-be who values classic style, the emerald baguette ring that is created from 14K gold is an incredible option to consider. This band is really breathtaking.

Cartier Solitaire 1895 Emerald Ring

This ring finds the ideal balance between traditional and glamorous with its stunning combination of emerald green and platinum, both of which sparkle in the light. This piece, which has a brilliant-cut pavé diamond setting and an emerald-cut emerald as its centerpiece, will undoubtedly remain fashionable for many years to come.

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